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Bio Inspired Textiles


The Bio Inspired Textiles (BIT) project is a research initiative funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Collaborating directly with makers, this research looked to explore how textile designers might draw practical inspiration from forms found in nature. 

My work is inspired by the gradient structures found in nature: A squid beak for example is made up of a small number of materials which change in concentration, making the beak dense and stiff in one area and fine and flexible in another.

Using the same approach with knit structures and wool yarns, I can design a range of different densities across a single fabric once washed.

Currently I am also using a resist to prevent or limit felting in specific areas. This not only allows the original quality of the knit to be retained, it enables the integral creation of technical features such as a pocket or a collar.

This project is supported by UAL: Centre for Circular Design, Centre for Sustainable Design and Crafts Council.  

From  f l e x i b l e  to STRONG in just one wash.


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