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I’m happy to share that some of my new work “Nasty Flowers” is featuring in the Nasty Women UK exhibition at Stour Space in Hackney Wick, London. This free exhibition features a wide range of artworks by self professed ‘Nasty Women’ all of which are on sale to raise money for the charity End Violence Against Women UK. Stour Space also have a multitude of events going on all weekend from comedy to poetry to partying. Plus they do excellent brunch on the canal!

Not only am I featuring in the exhibition, but I have also been interviewed by Miro Magazine as their Artist of the Month about the motivations and inspirations behind my pieces.

You can read the full article over on their website and, if you can, get down to visit the exhibition this weekend and support End Violence Against Women!

“Flowers are traditionally associated with the feminine: they are beautiful, delicate, fragile. When was the last time you felt threatened by a flower? I have discovered that not all flowers are so defenceless. The embroideries created for the exhibition are of are highly poisonous ‘delicate blooms’ Monkshood and Oleander- powerful enough to kill someone if left unchecked. In the largely forgotten language of flowers, they mean “Beware” and “I am dangerous”. They defy their seeming fragility and demand respect. To be worn or displayed wherever the hell you want, Nasty Flowers serve as a reminder to all women that, even on your fragile days, you are powerful and deserve respect.”

Nicci James

Featured Artist, Miro Magazine

If you like my Nasty Flowers, keep an eye on my Etsy store for some exciting things coming soon or, if you really can’t wait, message me directly for embroidered inquiries.

All in all September has been very exciting!