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Block Universe is an annual festival that brings together a new wave of cutting-edge performance art at the cross-section of contemporary visual art, dance and music. In the third edition of this week long festival, I assisted in the production of artist pieces in major institutions and unique venues across London.

My primary project during the festival was to work with artist Zadie Xa on her most recent piece.


Zadie’s immersive performance work interrogates ideas of authentic versus inherited positions and displacement within the Asian diaspora.

Assisting with Crash Boom Hisssss gave me a glimpse of how Zadie develops her work. The blend of live percussion, spoken word, dance and dramatic visual projection of this piece is entrancing, drawing the audience in and out of the story. Watching the performance element grow and consume the space in Somerset House was really inspiring.

Other pieces I worked on:

Stina Nyberg – Shapes of States

A nuanced look at the conjoined histories of Taylorism, Biomechanics, and Swedish public health programmes at The Tabernacle.
The use of lighting and choreography in this piece is absolutely exquisite.

Işıl Eğrikavuk: Pluto’s Kitchen

An immersive performative dining experience at The Ned.

Rory Pilgrim: Software Garden

Interweaving poetry, speech, song and choreography at The Light – Friends Meeting House.

Nicole Bachmann: I don’t want to hear your whispers

Dance and spoken word together form an embodied vocabulary at Kachette.

Eglė Budvytytė – Choreography for the Running Male

Exploring notions of embodied gender in a moving performance around the streets of London.

A huge thank you to the Block Universe Festival team for involving me with their programme! It was a crazy week in which I was fortunate to meet so many wonderful inspiring art makers and performers (including Pepper!)

Thanks a million and see you next year 😉