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Debuting as a venue for London Fashion Week, Brewer Street Carpark played host to Knyttan‘s second catwalk appearance this week following a second collaboration with Christopher Raeburn.

“A spirit of adventure, freedom and the discovery of new horizons lie at the heart of , Christopher Ræburn’s womenswear collection for Spring ⁄ Summer 2016. Inspired by the jungle territory of Borneo and female explorers both real and imagined, considers a woman negotiating an unknown environment.” – the official description from the Raeburn Team.

Following the success of the Men’s SS16 Borneo collection, Sarawak embraces similar military influences such as the woven parachute textile and military silhouettes. However, flowing parachutes have inspired flowing panels amongst the constructed shapes and a beautiful natural dyed silk brings a bright lightness to the offering. Interestingly, instead of an animal, the feature of this collection is the twill tape which snakes as a print across the collection and into one of the Knyttan co-created pieces. The twill tape will follow your cursor across the screen, undulating until you decide to freeze it and “send to knit”.

Christopher Raeburn SS165

Christopher Raeburn SS1613

Christopher Raeburn SS162The second co-created piece is a knitted graphic based on the naturally dyed silk. This was an especially difficult graphic to get right as there are so many colours within the dyed sample and this had to be reduced  to a 2 colour graphic. The delicate prints next to the structured parachute panels certainly looked fantastic in the show, it was a pleasure to see the whole collection.

Now that’s two fashion collaborations so far, and hopefully plenty more in the pipeline for us at Knyttan. Once again a photo steal as I am incapable of getting a good photo on the move…

Keep watching this space as there are very exciting things on the horizon!