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Last weekend, Knyttan’s first ever fashion collaboration was shown at The Old Sorting Office near Holborn. We “co-created” a selection of jumpers, of which 2 were presented on the catwalk for the Christopher Raeburn‘s SS16 show (part of London Collections: Men).

The concept for the collection was ‘Barefoot Anthropologist’ Tom Harrison who dedicated his life to studying and preserving the land and culture of Borneo. During his military service in WWII he parachuted into Borneo as part of a mission to protect and preserve the local tribes. From this rich concept, Raeburn pulled out his trademark military shapes and materials, weaving sections of parachute to create interesting textures. The animal of the season was the Orang-utan who you can find both in bag form and swinging across his sweaters as a silhouette print. A key print within the collection is the map. We at Knyttan sampled the printed map as a knitted graphic and turned it into an interactive design, the idea is that you can scroll over the whole map and choose your favourite sections. You can get a sense of this from these screenshots of the editor:

The second pattern we did was the weave, based loosely on the woven parachute, although the interaction for this is strictly under wraps for the moment!

It was great to go to the show and feel the atmosphere, especially about pieces that I had made. It was a really satisfying experience. If I’m honest I was a bundle of energy afterwards. Very much looking forward to the continued collaboration between Knyttan and Christopher Raeburn!


My photos were awful, mostly as I was at the very back standing on the chair,  so I am unashamedly posting up the official Knyttan photos and some steals from the Raeburn Website.