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The world works in mysterious ways. I have been working as a full time employee within the amazing Knyttan team for some time now. This has been a very unexpected development and at the minute I am thoroughly enjoying it!

Knyttan were recently featured in the Guardian’s “Do Something” supplement covering a collaborative project undertaken with HP. We were using one of their new computers – the Sprout- which has 3D scanning capability via the overhead scanner come projector. It is quite a fun system to use in that you can drag and drop things around on the touch mat , manoeuvring things in a similar way how you would with physical objects but with the option of scaling, copying pasting and other basic digital manipulation. The Sprout’s editing capabilities are no match for Photoshop, but it was a fun project to work on and the film produced by the Guardian was certainly an experience in itself.

Check out the film below to see the team in action and also to find out a little more about the exciting concept that is Knyttan! (and the sprout…) AND watch out for my short cameo appearance as a “model” *cough* extra 0:49 (; hello motorbike t-shirt!

Nice to finally have an update (: There is another in the pipeline, but in the meantime I will be busy #knittingthefuture with Knyttan.

*I have edited this post from the original because the Guardian removed the full article from their website…interestingly I managed to find the video via the sound artists who worked on it. Sounds and Sons are based in East London but work as far afield as Tokyo on a diverse range of projects. You can see more of their work by clicking through on vimeo or on their website.*