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Having been somewhat on hiatus for a few weeks, I return with a progress report and a newspaper feature!

The past few weeks I have been interning with Knyttan – the knitwear company I blogged about in November. Stranger things have happened I am sure. I applied on the off chance when I heard they were searching for someone and was fortune enough to not only have an interview but to be offered the position. My internal knitter just could not refuse. They are such a small and wonderful company with great future prospects; so far I am learning a great deal and loving being back in a studio environment. It is great to be once again flexing the knitting muscles and having the opportunity to learn on the job about Stoll machines is a dream. I am also excited to be working in Somerset House during London Fashion Week, which is coming up in the next week or so. I shall be completely in the thick of it and I suspect it will be totally ridiculous and a lot of fun!

In other news (literally)…This week I received a copy of  Manchester’s “The University Paper” for January 2015 in which I have a small feature on page 3 with a very appropriate tag line. I am really thankful to the guys who interviewed me for it and especially one of the editors James Mullard, who was kind enough to send me a physical copy for my Nana.

The university paper_january 2015

You can read the full paper by clicking here.

That’s all for now, I have a few things lined up to share with you guys but I make no promises I can’t keep so you will just have to keep ’em peeled. Over and out.