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I was recently in London, casually window shopping on Conduit Street as you do, when one window in particular caused me to do a double take. I recognised the fabric of one of the coats in the window as the exact same given to me by Harris Tweed for my graduate collection which became my “Tweed Jeans” for outfit #6. Naturally, I went in and spoke to the staff who were super helpful and really interested to hear about my work which was lovely.

I have since done some research and found that the coat in question graced the catwalk for Westwood’s “Gold Label AW 14/15 Builder’s Coat” which retails at £1835.00. It’s not surprising I suppose when British Heritage and Heritage fabrics are a key part of the Vivienne Westwood design signature. Never the less, it was a surprising discovery! I am (not so) secretly thrilled to have been using the same fabrics as such a well known fashion house.

comparison nic vivviv west 1   viv west window1  viv coat

Onwards and upwards. Although I can’t imagine my trousers would retail for quite that much – maybe by association!

Once again a HUGE thank you to Harris Tweed for their sponsorship during my final collection. I could not have done it without you.