Hi, I’m Nicci, welcome to my online portfolio.
Here you can find images of my current collection, freelance work and other creative projects.

I take a playful approach to design through the skilful handling of materials. My illustrative style is heavily informed by the process of making, continually influenced by my affinity with colour. As the Designer in Residence at Heathfield school I am currently working on a number of creative projects and commissions whilst working towards new fashion collection.

You can read more about my various endeavours and art adventures on my blog.

Read some ramblings from the blog

Block Universe

Block Universe is an annual festival that brings together a new wave of cutting-edge performance art at the cross-section of contemporary visual art, dance and music. In the third edition of this week long festival, I assisted in the production of artist pieces in...
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Land Girl

7:30am in Bradford. The allotment is quiet. The world is still waking up. Charlotte is too – wrapping herself in slightly startling knitwear against the crisp morning dew. Thrilled to have had my collection featured in Georgia Robert’s final major project...
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Presenting: Heathfield’s Spectacular “Euphorium Emporium”

As the current the Designer in Residence at Heathfield School, one of my main responsibilities is to produce their annual fashion show. Unsatisfied with their traditional format of school recital, I have been very busy over the last few months, transforming the...
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A Circus in Progress: Heathfield School

I wanted to share with you a sneak preview of what I am currently up to… I am in the process of producing a fantastical emporium of creative talent at Heathfield School in the form of a Showcase, disguised as a Circus. Part of this extravaganza is a fashion...
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A Grand Opening

Nicci James Creative is now officially open for business! I am delighted to announce… After the great success of my christmas cards and commissioned, I am thrilled to have my latest pun filled offering for sale over on Etsy. Not a star crossed lover? Never fear....
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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays! Part and parcel of my position at school is a table at the christmas fair to sell my own work. Given that there really was no time to put a whole collection into production(!) I decided to play to my strengths and make some christmas cards and leather...
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